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We are very glad to introduce the Assppaa-Isbors® software-driven and PSM-MSDSW® business model; a novel, robust, intelligent, attractive, disruptive and addictive software solution and business model, which is built around teacher-students classroom engagements and activities, and powers the evidence-based and market-driven business processes that have effectively combined features in Fintech & Financial inclusion, E-commerce & Trade, Social Media & Entertainment, Marketing & Advertising, Telecommunication, Media & Technology, to build a new and untapped market ecosystem in Nigeria and across Africa. The Science Teachers’ Championships (STC) driven by the Assppaa-Isbors® software solutions and PSM-MSDSW® business model is the novel Pilot Phase of a tech-driven systemic approach to solving the numerous education challenges and job creation crisis in Nigeria and Africa.

The STC platform promises unprecedented positive impacts on the Nigerian education system and the economy. The promoters of STC would continue to seek the unalloyed supports of school managers, teachers, students, parents, and all stakeholders in the Nigerian education sector. Please, sit back and relax, as we unravel the secrets and solutions behind the Nigerian educational challenges, through series of fun-filled and entertaining episodes on STC digital platforms and national television screens across the country.

Thank You!

Patrick Ejike Ochuba (MBA;Bsc.RFFn)
Founder/Chief Promoter: Assppaa-ISBORS Software & Technology


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