A Digital Solution to United Nations SDGs

As we the launch of the STC platform,  it  will  provoke Unprecedented and Actionable  public discussions on science education, the health care sector, and other science dependent everyday activities in Nigeria. The entire science community in Nigeria, would receive the STC platform with great excitements. The importance of quality,  effective and stronger science education institutions (SDG16) on the Nigeria healthcare  sector with respect to Covid-19, Laser Fever and other healthcare  issues (SDG3)  and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  are very key focus areas that our STC platform will provoke  public discussions on, so as to be able to  effectively impact on the society.

Achieving SDGs 1, 3,4,5,8,9,10,16,17 on One Digital Platform; The Assppaa-Isbors® software and PSM-MSDSW® driven business model, creates  Stronger Science Education Institutions and Systems (SDG16) that rely  on multiples of effective Public and Private sector Partnerships (SDG17), but built around classroom teachers- students' activities and engagements, that supports quality, and affordable healthcare delivery nationwide (SDGs3). The PSM –MSDSW® features make teachers to earn more money, more respect,  better motivation  and social recognition, as well as creating millions of new and gainful jobs in the education value chains, thereby reducing Hunger (SDG1). Teachers and everyone would begin to see the teaching profession and work as Decent and major contributors to national Economic Growth (SDG8). The PSM-MSDSW® connects to all the teachers-student's classroom engagements on daily basis and across the country and produces Quality teachers through digitalized in-service training, who then offer Quality Education to the students (SDG4) of all Genders (SDG5), who turn out to be quality doctors, pharmacists, engineers etc,(SDG3)  The graduating  students are equipped with relevant skills that make them employable by the Industries and as well as making  them to become more Innovative and self-reliant (SDG9), thereby enhancing further job creation. The composite result of these, is that Inequalities among the people and nations are effectively reduced (SDG10).

Interestingly, the above processes are effectively funded by the private sector businesses, who as well derive, commercial,  branding and CSR benefits from active participation on the STC platform. Herein,  the private sector gets actively involved in education funding and development, thereby removing a good chunk of the burden from government shoulders.


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