Standard Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Science Teachers’ Game

These terms and conditions listed below, are all the terms and conditions of engagement and participation of science teachers, students, school managers, parents, principals and heads of schools in the nationwide Science Teachers’ Championships. These terms and conditions supersede all prior statements, understandings, whether oral or written in relation to the participation and engagement of science teachers, students, school managers, parents, principals and heads of schools in the Science Teachers’ Championships. When teachers and students are registered to participate in the Science Teachers’ Championships, they are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. No employee of the Science Teachers’ Championships and or the employees of the sponsors, marketers, partners and media agencies to the Science Teachers’ Championships or anyone else has any authority to change any of the terms and conditions, or make any promises on behalf of the promoters of the Championships.

1. Definitions
(a) STC means Science Teachers’ Championships and would also be referred as as the Championships in this context.
(b) STC Tagline: “rewarding science teachers and students” , this is the STC slogan, that is the statement of purpose, the reason why STC is brought to the Nigerian and African audience.
(c) MrLabss means the short name for Laboratory Supplies & Solutions Limited
(d) Assppaa means All Schools Science Practicals and Projects Academy Awards
(e) Sesspaa means Secondary Schools Science Projects Academy Awards
(f) Uuspaa means University Undergraduates Science Projects Academy Awards
(g) ISBORS means Independent School Based Online Reward System
(h) Assppaa-ISBORS Software and Technology means the innovative software and technology that connects with millions of teachers and students, engages them actively, allows them to showcase their science experiments and other skills, and rewards them by making Payment-Per-Practicals (PPP) and other Cash and material rewards to them.
(i) STC Dashboards means the personalized online Teacher and Student accounts auto- created for them when they are dully registered on the STC portal. Teachers and Students use their individual Usernames and Passwords to access and Login into their dashboards.
(j) TBP means Teacher Basic Points; these are points awarded to teachers when they properly conduct science experiments with their students. Teacher Basic Points are generated from STC Expert Teachers and from students who were in attendance during the science practical class. Teacher Basic Points are also generated from the monthly teacher Re-training Test Questions-RTQ.
(k) SBP means Student Basic Point; these are points awarded to students when they answer Test Questions associated with each science experiment that is properly carried out with the students. Student Basic Points are awarded to the students by the students themselves. It is a measure of how knowledgeable the student is regarding a particular subject topic . Students also earn SBPs through their active participation in the Student Weekly Challenge-SWC
(l) STC-Expert Teacher, this is an STC administrative teacher and staff who is very knowledgeable in a specific science subject of say Biology, Chemistry , Physics and Mathematics, and whose function is to appraise the science experiments submitted to the STC portal, and ensure that there is a knowledgeable compliance to general standard of presentation, and in line with the expectations of regulatory agencies and examination bodies like WAEC and NECO. Using some stipulated and digitalized measuring criteria, submitted experiments are qualitatively and quantitatively graded by the STC Expert Teacher and Teacher Basic Points are awarded to the teacher. The STC Expert Teacher is blinded from seeing the personal details of teachers, such as names, name of school, contact phone number and emails.
(m) Test Questions, are specific science subject objective questions related to specific experiment topics and or subtopics. These sets of test questions are available at the students’ dashboards once the submitted experiments are graded and approved by the STC Expert Teacher. Teachers and students will always receive phone and email alerts once the experiments are approved, and students are expected to visit the portal, login to their dashboards and attempt to answer these questions, so that they can get and increase their Students’ Basic Points
(n) Questionnaire , this contains a set of short surveys relating to the inter personal relationships between the teacher and his or her students, and the teacher’s skills and knowledge of the particular science subject . It is available also at the student’s dashboard.
(o) RTQ means teacher Re-training Test Questions: The RTQ contains a set of 100 objective test questions available to teachers, every month. These test questions appear on the Teacher’s dashboard at a fixed date and time within the month. Teachers are notified about the date and time, at least one week earlier. These test questions cover all the three science subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and general knowledge on education, national publics, economy and current affairs. The RTQ is designed to re-train the teachers and keep them at their best at all times. Grade points received from the RTQ by teachers form part of their Teachers’ Basic Points.
(p) SWC means Student Weekly Challenge: The SWC is a weekly Saturday quiz, where students are exposed to selected science apparatus and materials, and are expected to identify and name their uses. The SWC pops up on the student’s dashboard at specific date and time, previously known to the students, and students are expected to visit their dashboard to attempt the quiz. The quiz is timed out after a few minutes and the winners are automatically displayed on the homepage of the portal for public viewing.
(q) PPP means Payment-Per-Practical, or Pay-Per-Practical, or Price-Per – Practical: The PPP is an innovative reward system attached to teachers’ active participation in the Science Teachers’ Championships. It is designed to identify, encourage and reward science teachers for taking and exposing the students to the school science laboratories, to carry out science experiments. The PPP concept puts more money in the pocket of teachers and get them more motivated, and their passion to teach is seen to be energized. The PPP rates are categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The more active the teacher becomes on the STG portal, the more he or she moves up the scale, and the more increased PPP rates available to him.
(r) STC Wallet: This is a virtual account where all monies earned and awarded to the teachers are temporary kept and for onward transfer to the teachers’ Fidelity Bank or other bank’s accounts. Monies showing on the teachers’ STC E- wallets are transferred to the teachers’ bank accounts, either on daily basis, per week or per month.
(s) Apparatus and Materials: These are science materials and items that every science teachers and students would definitely require to carry out whatever science experiments they wish to undertake. Over 1,132 products ranging from glass wares, tools, instruments, apparatus, experiments set-ups, reagents, chemicals, charts, models, prepared slides, specimens, live animals, equipments , virtual/digital labs, text books, improvised materials and local objects, are required in all four science subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. No secondary schools in Nigeria could comfortably claim to have acquired all of these materials. Schools only acquire what they think, that they need and what is convenient to them to acquire and make use of.
(t) Practical Worksheet; This is an online report sheet available at the teachers’ dashboard, where the teacher is allowed to showcase his or her science experiments and academic skills, following a set standard, that allows the whole essence of the practical to be properly captured, and made easy to be measured, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The Practical Worksheet is available and visible to the teacher, only when the particular practical has been properly scheduled, and the teacher is ready to upload his or her practical.
(u) Presentation of Facts; Experiments uploaded by teachers would be measured by the ways, and manners the facts, issues, theories, hypothesis, procedures, observations, precautions, safety measures, relevance of experiment, and teacher’s notes, are presented by the teachers. Teachers are expected to research the practicals they wish to present, and get hold of all the issues surrounding the practical, so that they can present an impressive experimental work to the admiration and satisfaction of the STC Expert Teacher.
(v) Experiment Spread: Experiments uploaded by teachers would be measured by checking how versatile the teacher is in the particular science subject. Each science subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics has between 30-40 main subject topics and several subtopics can be coined out from each main topic for experimentation. Specific main and sub topics are designed for specific classes of SS1, SS2 and SS3, based on the syllabuses and workload expected of teachers. The STC Expert Teacher uses grade points allocated to the Experiment Spread to appraise teachers who navigate through the Main topics and engage students in practicals based on the scope of work expected to be delivered to the students and specific to their class level. Teachers who concentrate most of their experiments on subtopics on a few main topics will be disadvantaged by teachers who spread the workload to cover several main topics and as well subtopics, across the three classes.
(w) Student-Apparatus Ratio; Experiments uploaded by teachers would be appraised and measured by checking the availability or otherwise of apparatus and materials to every students in the practical class. Students who have experiment set-ups, all to themselves, on individual basis, learn and study better, because they can have personal touch and experiences with these materials than when they are grouped together. But because of lack of enough apparatus and materials in most schools, students are put in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, and even more. The STC Expert Teacher, uses grade points allocated to Students-Apparatus Ratio, to appraise and measure how and to what extend are apparatus and materials available to the students during the practical.
(x) Use of Safety Measures: Generally, science experiments whether for Biology, Chemistry and Physics are associated with laid down and standard precautions and safety measures. There are general rules, but specific experiments have their specific safety and precautionary measures. The STC Expert Teacher looks forward to seeing how knowledgeable and aware, the teacher is about these safety rules and precautions. Grade points allocated to Use of Safety Measures, are used to appraise and measure the compliance or otherwise, of the teacher to these safety rules and precautions.
(y) Experiment Videos: The teacher makes a 1 or 2 minute video of the experiment section, showing clearly the students participating in the experiment. The video is the only practical guide that helps the STC Expert Teacher assess the other important parameters of measurements such as Students- Apparatus Ratio, and Use of Safety Measures. Any practical submitted by the teacher without the Experiment Video is automatically rejected and reasons for the rejection are sent out to the teacher through his or her phone or email alerts. The STC Expert Teacher uses the experiment videos to monitor what happens during the experiment sections, and grade points allocated to Experiments Videos are used to appraise and measure the quality of the video, the visibility of the faces of the students, the clarity of the steps-by-steps procedures, the obvious use of or otherwise of laboratory safety wears, the safety and environment under which the experiment is carried out, etc. Teachers and students are encouraged to carry out their science experiments under any environment and conditions available to them; as some may need to use spaces under the trees and dilapidated school buildings, while others maybe privileged to have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. Schools with the best laboratory facilities may have some advantages over schools with lesser facilities. But such schools will attract external help from the public faster than those privileged schools. STC is more of personalized struggles amongst teachers, than the availability of sophisticated laboratory facilities and gadgets. Teachers and students should not be ashamed to use whatever facilities available to them to perform and showcase their experiments and experiences.
(z) Star Prizes: The STC is a race and struggle to walk on the Red Carpet and grab the Star Prizes available in several categories. Though STC offers intermittent daily stipends as Payments-Per-Practical and monthly cash prizes for monthly winners, the ultimate target is to grab the juicy Star Prizes. (aa) Teachers’ Night: This is a special night of fun, comedy, music, speeches, networking and lots more. Winners of the STG Star Prizes of Brand New Cars, Cash Prizes and Oversea Vacations would be unveiled at the Teachers’ Award Night-TAN, which signifies the end of every STC session.

2. About this Innovation
The Science Teachers Championships and associated Business Model is a private initiative, that creates valuable and consumer centric contents that benefit several business units across multiple value chains. In developing this project, the very poor state of educational facilities and the sympathetic state of teachers in Nigeria, were taken into serious consideration, and as such, finding solutions to these national challenge created the immense opportunities available in the Science Teachers’ Championships. In today’s market place, traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute. Content marketing is the place to be, because a marketing strategy and approach should focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. STC is modeled around this concept and it offers irresistible contents that get the huge audience addicted and glued.

3. Free participation
Registration and participation of teachers and students in the Science Teachers’ Championships is FREE. STC is open to both public and private secondary schools across states and local governments in Nigeria. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics teachers with their students in SS1, SS2 and SS3 are eligible to register and participate. Teachers who wish to participate must be at least 18 years and above, while students must be within the age of being in secondary school.

4. Communications
Teachers and students who register to participate in the Science Teachers’ Championships , consent that they could be reached or communicated to through the phone numbers and emails provided in their respective dashboard profiles

5. False Statements and Impersonation
The STC platform is designed to connect and engage real teachers and students. Teachers must be employed and working in schools. Students must be of school age and must be dressed in school uniforms or wear lab coats with school barges and tags while taking experiment videos. The Videos must show the faces of both the teachers and students during the practical class. The information about the teachers and students provided on their profiles during registrations, must be same during the time of making any payments and or giving any awards or prizes to them. False statements, declarations and impersonations would not be tolerated on the STC portal.

6. Ethnicity and Religion
The Science Teachers’ Championships is designed to foster national unity and to promote STEM initiatives through a technologically driven school based reward system that triggers teachers and students to wanting to do more result oriented science practical teachings and learning sessions. State of origin, tribe, religion, social status, hate speeches and any form of violence are NEVER promoted on the STC platform and STC social media handles. Every teacher and student registered and participating on the Championships is equal to each other and mutual respects and recognition must be accorded to each other by STC member teachers and students.

7. Social Media, Other Media Platforms and Engagement
STC is an edutainment project modeled and integrated into the Nigeria social space. Teachers and Students are elated when they reach certain milestones or win awards or get rewarded or recognized by the society. Social media platforms inevitably become very important components of STC. Teachers and students who register and participate in STC, consent that their participations, names, profile photos, Teacher Basic Points, STC E-wallet amounts, awards, rewards, prizes, and information about themselves as contained in their profiles, excluding their phone numbers, and emails can be shared and discussed by STC across several social media platforms. STC member teachers and students also consent that comments and or any form of abuse emanating from the public, and other social media users, regarding their profiled features on STC social media handles are not STC’s comments and abusive attacks on their persons , and therefore, STC does not take responsibility for the consequences of such comments and abuses. But STC would take measures to sanction and where necessary block such individuals from accessing STC social medial handles.

8. Gender Equality & Girl Child Education
Teachers and students, both male and female have equal rights and opportunities to actively participate in the Science Teachers’ Championships. However, preliminary observations as teachers and students started participating in the Championships, shows that there are far more male science teachers and students than females showing interests in the Championships. Therefore, to encourage more female science teachers and more girls to participate in STC and invariably take up careers in STEM, the promoters of STC would, while giving equal opportunities to all irrespective of gender, recognize in a special way, through the National Females Science Teachers & Students Leader Boards, any female teachers and students who wins STC monthly awards and Star Prizes.

9. The STC Business Model
The Science Teachers’ Championships is modeled to be beneficial to several segments of the Nigerian society. It is built around the national desire to, create jobs, empower the youths, transform the society, develop the economy, and unite the nation. From the foundation and design concept of STC, it is structured to be a purpose- driven business model that mitigates through several business value chains and propositions. STC serves the core objectives of the academia, bridges the gaps between the academia and skills requirements in the oil and gas industry and other sectors of the national economy. STC serves both the commercial and CSR objectives of several business units ranging from banking, oil and gas, educational services, e-commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications and interestingly becomes a beautiful bride for large media agencies who seek for rich media contents to drive consumer centric media marketing that adds to the bottom line of clients.

10. Sponsorship and Brand Engagements
The Science Teachers’ Championships is modeled around businesses and their interests, and as a result, several business brands would be wanting to associate with STC, to strategically drive commercial benefits, national visibilities and brand awareness. The favorable medium provided by STC can accommodate several brand associations .

11. Marketing and Promotions
In today’s market place, traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute, and content marketing is the place to be, because a marketing strategy and approach should focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant , and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. STC is modeled around this concept and it offers irresistible contents that get the huge audience addicted and glued . Therefore STC dedicated television and digital platforms are the most sought after media space for media agencies, marketers and advertisers.

12. Awards, Prizes, Cash and Payments
Science Teachers’ Championships is passionately associated with the tagline “ rewarding science teachers and students” and this makes it obvious that STC is ready for multiples of freebies to Nigerian teachers and students. STC promises to make science teachers earn more money from teaching and secure better family lifestyles. STC promises to consistently recognize, appreciate, reward, and celebrate science teachers and students and bring them to the red carpet to become television stars and celebrities. The STC portal and associated business model is structured to deliver to teachers and students lots of awards, cash prizes, gift vouchers and star prizes, including oversea vacations and media publicities. Though all of these freebies are enjoyed by the teachers and students at not costs or charges to them, there are rules, terms and conditions to the Championships, which teachers and students participating in the Championships consent to adhere to at the point of registering to participate in the Championships.

13. 6-Easy Conditions and Steps to Receive Payments
All teachers actively participating in the STC portal automatically earn monies on their STC E- wallets, but to receive these monies into their bank accounts is optional, as the teachers who wish to receive these monies must fulfill below set of conditions. Teachers who do not wish to receive any payments, maybe because they are not willing or able to fulfill these conditions, or as a result of any other reasons best known to them, are still eligible to play and participate in the Championships, either for fun, science knowledge enhancement, publicity or for other personal reasons other than money.

14. Science Teachers’ Championships Television Reality Show and Grand Finale
Science Teachers’ Championships is an innovative program that is fused into the academic workload and syllabuses of science teachers and students across secondary schools in Nigeria. The Season One of the Championships would start in September 2020 and would run through to July 2021. The STC Reality Show would take place during the Summer Holiday in 2021, that is between July and August 2021. Teachers and students who are auto- shortlisted every month because they have the highest Teacher Basic Points and Students Basic Points respectively would participate in the STC Reality Show, which will be broadcast on dedicated national television networks and other digital platforms. The Grand Finale of the Reality Show, would take place during Summer Holidays each year and would be rounded up with the Teacher’s Award Night, which would be a night of fun, comedy, music, awards, red carpet , speeches, networking and lots more. Winners of the STC Star Prizes of Brand New Cars, Cash Prizes and Oversea Vacations would be unveiled at the Teachers’ Award Night. A few weeks afterwards and into September 2021, the Season Two of the Science Teachers’ Championships kicks off.

15. Panel of Judges and Viewers Decisions
Throughout the entire academic season, science teachers and students participating in the Science Teachers’ Championships, are actively and independently engaged on the STC portal, initiating, and carrying out several science experiments and practical lessons. As these teachers and students put in these efforts, they are excited and curious to view their performances, grade points, positions and earnings in Real Time, on digital platforms and dedicated television stations. The system puts a lot challenging tasks on the teachers and students as they struggle to save and enhance the image of themselves, their school and their future which are already on national spotlight. STC promoters are aware from inception that teachers and students performances could be influenced by a few factors and variables within their immediate environments and communities, and these situations are beyond the control of STC promoters, even though the Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology powering the STC portal, have intelligently, and rigorously taken care of a whole lot of other variables and undue influences on the Championships. The STC Reality Show, is designed to bring together shortlisted teachers and students to a Boat Camp, where they would have great fun, face intensive academic drills, relate to society norms, values, cultures, and ethics and express their plans for the future. During the STC Reality Show, there would be a mix of Panel of Judge’s and Viewers’ decisions in selecting the eventual Star Prize winners, through Voting and Evictions. STC promoters and their staff would not have any form of influence on the eventual winners, as a reputable consulting firm would be appointed to manage the selection processes.

16. Privacy Acts Statement
All personal information, especially phone numbers and email addresses, provided by teachers, students, and school principals and heads of schools, including parents, guardians, and siblings to the students, whose phone numbers and email addresses may have been provided by the students to aid their registration and participation on the STC portal, are confidential and would NEVER be disclosed to third parties. Providing these information is voluntary, and in the event where they are not provided, registration and participation on the STC portal would not be possible. The information provided would solely be used for the purpose of enhancing teachers and students participation on the STC portal, and for the promotions of STC, and products and services of STC supporting and partnering brands, but still without disclosure to third parties, whether such third parties are STC partners or not.

17. Intellectual Property and Patent
The Assppaa-ISBORS Software and Technology and its associated Business Model, Concepts, Ideas, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Intellectual Properties, including coined words and languages such as, All Schools Science Practicals and Projects Academy Awards-Assppaa, Independent School Based Online Reward System-ISBORS, Teacher Basic Points (TBP), Student Basic Points (SBP), Payment- Per-Practical (PPP) and others as listed in the Definition clause of this Terms and Conditions, are composite parts of an Innovation, Invention and Business Model, which uses software and technology to connect with teachers and students at different levels of education and applies a reward system that encourages teachers and students to do more practical oriented teaching and learning activities. Assppaa-ISBORS Intellectual Property, Software, Trade Secrets, are secured and registered with Nigeria Copyright Commission, with Application No: 265122 and Registration No: LW2326, registered with the Trademark and Patent Department, Federal Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment and also submitted and filed for Patent at the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)

18. Circumstances Beyond Our Control
The promoters of STC are not liable, if teachers and students registered to participate on the Science Teachers Championships , could not effectively participate in the Championships and or STC could not effectively manage the portal or deliver on its promises, as a result of circumstances beyond the control of STC promoters and or its associated partners, sponsors, vendors, service providers, and all and every other person(s) involved in the otherwise smooth running of the STC portal. Such circumstances that could be beyond STC promoters include but not limited to: system breakdown, IT server breakdown, network breakdown, internet connectivity challenges, data usage, local and internal challenges around individual teachers, students, and their schools and communities, sales and marketing expectations. Others include, terrorist activities, strikes, labor actions, an “act of God”, such as earthquake, cyclone, storm, or flood, and “force majeure” such as war, plane crash, or embargo. However, the promoters of STC are very passionate about this project and would continue to do exceptional things to see to its success.

19. Amendment
The promoters of STC reserves the exclusive rights to amend, substitute or change without notice, including but not limited to the Terms and Conditions, Payment-Per-Practical rates, Star Prize monies, sales commissions, choice of awards, gift vouchers, features of service, services, and conditions for registrations and participation. Such changes and amendments can only be made by the legal adviser to STC and would be made public through the usual channel of communication, specifically publication of same on the STC dedicated website@,

20. Liabilities
The liabilities of the promoters of the Science Teachers’ Championships are to the participating teachers and students and these liabilities are within the context of the promises made and in adherence to the Terms and Conditions of the Championships as listed herein.

21. Legal
The registration and participation of teachers, students, school principals and heads of schools in the Science Teachers Championships is voluntary and people may decide to opt out of the Championships , after registration and or midway into the Championships without prejudice. All and any rights or claims you may have as a result of your registration and participation in the Championships are subject to these Terms and Conditions and would be within the jurisdictions of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Terms and Conditions listed here are specifically designed to guide teachers, students , school principals, heads of school and parents and siblings to the participating students, and as such, these terms and conditions do not in any way relate to existing relationships, Memorandum of Understanding, and agreements with STC partners, sponsors, media agencies and supporting brands.


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