How We Have Digitally Tried Solving Teachers’ Problems

We created several categories of disruptive national digital leader boards with below listed addictive Features. These features of the leader boards are the reasons why teachers, students, school managers and parents keep coming back to the STC platform on daily basis, because these features are directly connected to their classroom and personal needs and expectations.

  1. On the STC National Leader Boards, teachers’ daily classroom activities and efforts are transparently measured through the Teacher Basic Points-TBP.
  2. Students’ daily classroom activities are measured through the Student Basic Points- SBP.
  3. Teachers, Students, School Managers are competitively challenged to appear and remain on the STC National Leader Boards.
  4. Parents, Family members & Old students give back-end support to teachers & students to competitively make them appear & remain on the National Leader Boards.
  5. Teachers classroom engagements and activities with students are measured in percentage by Percentage Engagements of Teachers with Students-PETS
  6. Students’ classroom results (SBPs) per class level, per teacher are shown by the Students’ Performance History-SPH
  7. Teachers earn extra monies on the STC platform through “Pay-Per-Practical” as displayed on their E-wallets just by uploading good classroom contents on the platform.
  8. Teachers’ classroom engagements and activities with students are displayed as Classroom Activity Videos and are made available for public viewing on the National Leader Boards
  9. The personal classroom relationships between student and his or her teacher is secretly appraised and rated by the student through the Student Ratings of Teachers-SRT.
  10. The general views and opinions of parents regarding the students’ schools and their teachers are independently appraised and rated through the Parents Ratings of Schools & Teachers-PRST.
  11. The individual views and opinions of teachers about the school managements and influence of students’ parents to their classroom engagements and activities with students are appraised and rated through the Teacher Ratings of School & Parents- TRSP.
  12. The school managements’ views and opinions on the individual teachers in the school are appraised and rated through the Management Ratings of Teachers-MRT.
  13. Teachers are propelled to upload on the STC platform, Real STEM activities/ science experiments/classroom engagements, conducted with the students, and NOT Alternative to, or Theory of Practical.
  14. Through the Teacher-students engagement with STC Expert Subject Teachers @ STC software back-end, which manifests on the National Leader Board, through the award of TBPs and other features as illustrated above, teachers and students are recognized, motivated, re-trained, rewarded in Real Time and in public glare. This is the main objective of the STC platform; to solve all the classroom and career problems that millions of teachers and students in Nigeria are presently having, so that they can work optimally as teachers and deliver the expected results for national development.


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