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1. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics teachers in Nigeria can now start earning Big monies and salaries, and enhanced lifestyles like other professionals in the Banking, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, etc! Payment Per Practical (PPP) rate is between N500- N2,500). Explore this!!!

2. The Science Teachers Championships Reality Show: Brand New Cars, Cash Prizes worth over N100 Million, and All-Expense- Paid-Vacations to Dubai will be distributed amongst winning Science Teachers, Students, Schools, and School Heads/Principals both from public and private secondary schools and the 104 unity schools in Nigeria. The Season One starts September 2020 and ends in July 2021. Register Now and Start participating in the Championships!

3. Each of three (4 ) Science Teachers of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics will win the Star Prize of one Brand New Car, N10 Million Cash and an All-Expense-Paid-Vacation to Dubai, plus various branded gifts from various corporate sponsors. Any teacher could be the lucky winner. Just chose to compete in your best science subject, showcase your academic and mental skills, hard work and persistency, you could be among the winners.

Now, here is a carefully guided checklist of how to effectively engage and participate in the maiden edition of the Science Teachers Championships.


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